Blush Blush Uncut is the latest LGBTQ sim on Nutaku


Another queer-friendly simulator is now available.

Blush Blush Uncut is the latest LGBTQ dating simulator on adult site Nutaku, it was recently confirmed.

The dating simulator offers the chance to unlock more than ten suitors, ranging “from a soft-hearted Nimh, to the muscle man Garret, to the bi-sexual mischievous Eli,” Nutaku said in a press release.

Players will also be able to change outfits, take on hobbies, improve a range of statistics, unlock “steamy sex scenes” and enjoy a “captivating storyline”.

As part of said storyline, players will be “tracking each of the men who have been turned into beasts,” Nutaku continued. “Gamers must break the curse with seduction and turn the ‘man-imals’ back into the hot and sexy men they once were.”

You can play Blush Blush Uncut on the very unsafe for work Nutaku right here.