Batman Gotham Knights has gear and skins so you don’t look ugly

Batman Gotham Knights will offer up gear alongside skins so your hero can still look cool while crimefighting, WB Montreal has recently confirmed.

As we speculated at its reveal, the system means that you’ll find gear in the world that will enhance abilities, but ultimately, the gear won’t make you look like a hobbled-together hero. That’s where skins come in.

“When we talk about Gear, we’re talking about your melee weapon, your ranged weapon, and your suit, which has certain armor characteristics. And then there’s your suit style –  that’s the sort of ‘skinning’ of the suit,” WB Montreal’s Patrick Redding told IGN.

“Because we didn’t want it to turn into just a random crazy quilt, what we’ve done is we’ve got distinct suit looks. And then within that there’s accessory variation that the player can tap into, and that way you get a chance to tweak it and make it exactly the way you like it.”

In conversation with the Robin to our Nightwing (or is that Red Hood to our Batgirl, or any other combination therein), Press Start, WB Montreal’s Fleur Marty expanded on the notion.

“You come back to your home base in the Belfry and you analyse the evidence that you’ve gathered through the night and you also use whatever you’ve picked up to craft your gear and your gear is not only your weapons, or melee or ranged stuff, but you can craft elements of your suit with the loot that you’ve got,” Marty said.

As a Destiny 2 Titan who currently looks like a patchwork quilt in order to get the highest Power level possible, I’m all for the skin system so I can make Batgirl and Nightwing look bad-ass.

Batman Gotham Knights heads to Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4 and PS5 sometime in 2021.

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