Apex Legends Season 2 detailed at E3 2019


Elementary, my dear Wattson.

Apex Legends Season 2 was detailed at E3 2019 and we’ve all the info on new characters, weekly challenges, equipment & map changes, rideable Flyers and more.

Season 2 will start on 2 July, Respawn’s Drew McCoy said, confirming we’ll see a new weapon, new character and even a new map event as the season progresses.

New weapon: the L-Star LMG

The L-Star EMG is a plasma fuelled LMG that will become available on 2 July. You can see it in action in the livestream below.

The L-Star can open doors alongside melees and grenades, Respawn’s Drew McCoy confirmed.

Ranked Mode

A ranked mode will be offered in Apex Legends, offering six tiers from Bronze to Apex Predator.

The higher tier you reach, the longer your queue time will likely be, McCoy confirmed.

Wattson, the new character

It looks like Apex Legends is leaning into its lore quite heavily with the introduction of a new character called Wattson. As dataminers speculated, her abilities are electrical and trap-based. She and her father actually created the arena used by Apex Legends itself.

“What would it be like if we took the defensive complexity of Apex,” Griffin Dean, Character Designer, said, “and introduced a character that created a ecosystem where you could survive the third-party meta?”

Dean acknowledged that Wattson is an attempt to provide options to players, making it more of an RTS than a straight-up shooter. Wattson can place up to twelve nodes — pylons — in an electrical fence used to trap others. The fence won’t trigger when your teammates travel through it, and they’ll recharge your teammates’ shields to boot.

Wattson — a decidedly French woman — was introduced via a fairly heartwarming trailer, which you can watch below as part of the EA Play livestream.

Wattson will be included in the Season Two Battle Pass, much like Octane in Season One.

Battle Pass, Daily and Weekly challenges

“We’re trying to cram as much into the launch of season two as possible,” McCoy said in reference to the lack of content in season one.

Apex Legends‘ first set of challenges — known as the Legendary Hunt — were only the beginning. The game will now offer a set of daily and weekly challenges that will offer up rewards to those who can fulfill their objective.

Best yet? The challenges will stack, meaning levelling up to level 100 will be easier than in Season One. A host of new skins will also be available, alongside the ability to craft your own Legendary.

Four new skins will be available though the Season 2 Battle Pass.


Flyers, dragon-like beasts that have featured in Titanfall, will make their first appearance in Apex Legends. Moreover, it’s believed that characters will be able to ping and even ride them. From what McCoy teased, the Flyers will make up the map event that was discussed during the EA Play livestream.

It was a big morning for Respawn — its upcoming Star Wars title, Jedi: Fallen Order, was also detailed during EA Play. The entire Apex Legends Season 2 EA Play livestream is below.

Apex Legends is currently available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. Its first season is in full swing, including its first set of challenges that continue to run for the next week or so.