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Activision Blizzard well aware of how it’s viewed after 800 layoffs

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Activision Blizzard is aware of how it’s viewed by the general public after announcing 800 layoffs.

On 13 February, Activision Blizzard announced it would lay off 8% of its total workforce alongside a confirmation of a successful financial year. The news wasn’t taken lightly by video game enthusiasts and industry folk, with Game Workers Unite calling for the sacking of Activision CEO, Bobby Kotick. Later, a report by As You Sow confirmed that Kotick is one of the top overpaid CEOs in the United States.

Activision Blizzard, in an SEC filing from 28 February (via PCGamesInsider) discussed the negative impact the layoffs will have upon its business.

“While we believe this restructuring plan will enable us to provide better opportunities for talent, and greater expertise and scale on behalf of our business units,” the filing stated. “Our ability to achieve the desired and anticipated benefits from the restructuring plan within our desired and expected timeframe is subject to many estimates and assumptions.”

“Further, there can be no assurance that our business will be more efficient or effective than prior to implementation of the plan, or that additional restructuring plans will not be required or implemented in the future. The implementation of this restructuring plan may also be costly and disruptive to our business or have other negative consequences, such as attrition beyond our planned reduction in workforce or negative impacts on employee morale and productivity, or on our ability to attract and retain highly skilled employees. Any of these consequences could negatively impact our business.”

Have these layoffs changed how you view Activision Blizzard? Why or why not?


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