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The Sinking City Fleeing Phoenix case guide

We’re almost done with our The Sinking City main case guide series with the game’s eighth case: Feeling Phoenix.

As always, spoilers can be found past this point; continue at your own risk.

Case #7: Self-Defense | Case #8: Fleeing Phoenix | Case #9: Into the Depths

  • Head to Joseph Hill’s house (Reed Heights; Lambert Street between Healog and Hale Lane).
  • Examine the corpse in the hallway.
  • Head to the basement and examine more stuff — you’ll likely have to fight a monster.
  • Climb the furniture to get up to the first floor. Examine all objects and go back the way you came.
  • Head up the stairs and enter Hill’s apartment. A crazy enemy will attack you — backpedal and fire as best you can.
  • Head back into the apartment and speak with Hill at the back.
  • Examine the rest of the apartment.
  • Head to Oakmont Police Station and use the archive, selecting Hill’s Request as evidence.
    • Violent Crimes
    • Victims
    • Salvation Harbor
  • Open your Mind Palace and form conclusions.
  • Head to the Backyard Crime Scene alley (Salvation Harbor; Old Church Rd between C. Smith Ave and Maple Lane).
  • Fight some monsters.
  • Examine the alley.
  • Enter the portal and piece the timeline together:
    • Usha are preparing to attack
    • The fight with Usha
    • Usha takes control of Raymond
    • Raymond asks for orders
  • Form more conclusions in your Mind Palace.
  • Go to Raymond’s room at the Devil’s Reef Hotel. Talk to the owner beforehand.
  • Examine Raymond’s room. Use your Mind’s Eye to get Raymond’s Diary.
  • Use your Mind’s Eye on the wall.
  • Get to the Hidden Lab (Shells/Salvation Harbour; Moorland Road between C. Smith and Powderhouse).
  • Fight the enemies.
  • Examine the lab.
  • Form more conclusions in the Mind Palace.
  • Go through the portal and piece the timeline together:
    • Hill and Raymond arguing on the ground floor
    • Usha frees herself
    • Usha gets Raymond
  • Speak with Raymond/Usha.
  • For the purposes of Achievements and Trophies, we’ll be killing both Hill and Usha, but very selectively. The trick is convincing both that you’re on their side before killing them whilst unaware (sneaky, eh?).
  • Head to the Diving Site (Reed Heights; Cemetary); inspect the diving suit.
  • Go back to the Residence of Joseph Hill and tell him that you’re on the Priestess’ side after a long conversation. Kill him quickly for (Achievement/Trophy: Still Salty).
  • Speak with Raymond/Usha. You’ll have to go back to the Cemetary and see her in person.
  • Head back to the Cemetary and interact with the diving suit to go underwater.
  • Get to the end of the underwater sequence by following torches and avoiding enemies and hot water sprays.
  • Speak with Usha and remain on her side. After the dialogue, kill her while she’s unaware for both (Achievement/Trophy: The End Justifies the Means) and (Achievement Trophy: Dodge This).

Case closed! Next is the last case, Into the Depths.

The Sinking City is available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. We reviewed it here.

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