The Sinking City Into the Depths case guide


Cases closed.

We’re finishing off our The Sinking City main case guide series with its last case: Self-Defense.

As per usual, spoilers will be discussed past this point, so continue at your own risk.

Case #8: Fleeing Phoenix | Case #9: Into the Depths

  • This case begins automatically after the completion of the Fleeing Phoenix investigation. Head back to the Devil’s Reef Hotel and check your room.
  • Inspect all items and collect everything available.
  • Form conclusions in your Mind Palace.
  • Head to the Central Monolith (Advent; marked as St. Michael’s Church). Inspect the gasoline before you go inside.
  • Collect all evidence in the Church; you’ll have to use your Mind’s Eye on the altar.
  • Talk to Meryl on the second floor and tell her she’ll die in agony to convince her not to set herself alight. That’ll award you (Achievement/Trophy: Damage control).
  • Finish the search upstairs; combine more clues in the Mind Palace.
  • In the basement, use the Mind’s Eye on the wall to progress. Fight enemies and continue the search.
  • Use the Mind’s Eye to find the first part of the seal. Rotae the tentacle until you can interact with it.
  • Use the Mind’s Eye a final time to get the log.
  • Go to The Oakmont Chronicle, and use the archive with First Part of Instructions
    • After the Flood
    • Celebrities
    • Articles and Interviews
  • Head to the Coastal Monolith (Old Colony Street, near intersection of Coverside and Grimhaven Bay).
  • Explore the little decking area near the monolith and the area in front of the monolith itself. The second seal is missing.
  • Open your Mind Palace to conclude that you’ll need to dive for the seal.
  • Use your Mind’s Eye and look for the creature that leads you up and into the house to the right of the monolith.
  • Search the house from top to bottom and then speak with Jimmy Price.
  • Inspect the diving suit to dive; you can optionally place the crosses on the bodies while you’re getting to your goal.
  • At the end of the path, use your Mind’s Eye to get the second seal
  • Go back to it the Oakmont City Hall and use the archives with Second Part of Instructions:
    • Citizens
    • After the Flood
    • Citizen Records.
  • Head to the Railway Station Monolith (Shells/Salvation Harbor; intersection of Salvation Road and Moorland Road).
  • There’s a large area with monsters; kill them and then look to a smaller area that you’ll have to vault over a small fence to get into.
  • Inspect the area.
  • Enter the portal and piece together the timeline:
    • 1: Men working with picks
    • 2: Creepy sounds
    • 3: The monsters appear
  • Head back to the large area and inspect the broken cart ahead and to the left. A corpse is also there to study.
  • Head to the Stone Worshippers’ Residence (Shells; Justice Street, between Inner Shine Street and Warren Road)
  • Inspect the ground floor. Use your Mind’s Eye to get an idea of what happened.
  • Go upstairs and try to progress. Then, enter the portal and piece together the timeline:
    • Fanatics start to cut the stone on the table
    • Fanatics have supper
    • Fanatics hide the key in a book
  • Find the book on the ground floor and obtain the key. Head upstairs and use your Mind’s Eye for the third seal.
  • Combine clues in your Mind Palace. Then use your Mind’s Eye on a nearby wall to get into a secret room.
  • Head downstairs and use your Mind’s Eye if you want a creepy little event to occur.
  • Head back to St. Michael’s Church.
  • Go to the basement and fight monsters. This will take you to the point of no return, so it’s worth saving here should you want to mop up any side missions at any point.
  • Use your Mind’s Eye to gain access to the dive point.
  • Head towards your goal, looking for torches and avoiding enemies and hazards.
  • Continue on and form Mind Palace conclusions when you can. Eventually, you’ll be taken to an area with three final decisions. Save again in a new slot so you can obtain all three.
  • From here, go through one conclusion, get the Achievment/Trophy associated with it, then reload your save and repeat twice more for the other two Achievements/Trophies. This will net you (Achievement/Trophy: I’m Out of Here), (Achievement/Trophy: The Stars Are Right ) and (Achievement/Trophy: Leap of Faith).

You will be taken to a cave where you choose the ending of the game. Check the List of Endings page of our guide, where we have described all of them.

That’s the final main case closed! Thanks for joining us and let us know if you’d like us to cover the side cases that offer up Achievements/Trophies.

The Sinking City is available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. We reviewed it here.