Destiny 2 Bad Juju quest guide: Time for another Exotic


Another one for the vault.

Destiny 2 has a new Exotic in the form of Bad Juju, a previous Exotic from Destiny. This guide is all about how to get the new latest and greatest.

Starting up

  • First, head to Werner 99-40 — he’s on Nessus on the Calus barge. Next to him is a chest that requires 5,000 Glimmer to open. Obviously, open it up.
  • Follow the quest that you’re give to get to Calus’ Tribute Hall. Before you go in, you’ll need to complete a Bounty to receive the Boon of the Emperor. Take the Boon to Calus and you’ll get a flag to use at the Hall itself.

War Beast Statues through Tributes

  • You’ll then need to place statues of Calus’ War Beasts. They’re earned in sets of Tribute. A total of 18 will be required to get the Bad Juju mission. You might already have accomplished some Tributes; check the Hall to see what you’ve got and what you need. Alternatively, Calus sells Tribute statues for Glimmer, planetary materials and Bright Dust.

The Other Side mission

  • After 18 Statues, you’ll be given the mission called Other Side.
  • Walk up to the green case, interact with it and engage with the Ascendant Portal that appears.
  • Once you clear all the enemies and go through another Portal back to our realm, you’ll find a chest waiting with Bad Juju. Hurrah!

Bad Juju comes with a perk called String of Curses, which issues you a stack of said buff with enemy kills. Each stack you collect increases your damage and awards Super engery.

A catalyst is available, increasing the time limit that String of Curses is active. To get it, place 45 Statues and then buy it from Calus for seven Legendary Shards. Bad Juju kills are required to level it up.

Destiny 2 is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.