The Sinking City Self-Defense case guide


One more for the casebook.

We’re continuing our The Sinking City main case guide series with the game’s seventh case: Self-Defense.

As per usual, spoilers will be discussed past this point, so continue at your own risk.

Case #6: Deal with the Devil | Case #7: Self-Defense | Case #8: Fleeing Phoenix

  • You’ll start at the Crown Theatre. Explore the area and collect all evidence.
  • Enter the portal and piece together the timeline:
    • 1: Van der Berg welcomes the anonymous person
    • 2: Ven der Berg is shot on stage
    • 3: The killer escapes
    • 4: The anonymous person uses the phone
  • Form some conclusions and try to leave. You won’t be able to.
  • In the Police Department, speak with Frank.
  • Speak to the Policeman at the reception desk.
  • Go to the Carpenter Manor and speak with either Graham or Brutus.
  • Go to the Oakmont Chronicle and use the archives with the Finding a Witness evidence.
    • Officials
    • Articles and Interviews
    • Reed Heights
  • Go to Milton Pierce’s Apartment (Reed Heights; Museum Avenue, between Community Road and Healog Street).
  • Look at the poster outside the apartment and then break the lock and head inside.
  • Collect all evidence inside.
  • Enter the portal and piece together the timeline:
    • 1: Milton at the front door
    • 2: Milton drinks in the kitchen
    • 3: Milton changes clothes
    • 4: Milton takes out the garbage
  • Form conclusions in your Mind Palace.
  • Talk to Milton when he arrives for an Achievement or Trophy, agree to kill his mother.
  • Go to Agatha Pierce’s Manor (Oldgrove; Beacon Street, near Bullock Street).
  • Agree to help Agatha in the basement and look for a bottle of Chianti. She’ll give you a key.
  • Explore the area and fight the monsters that pop up. The Chianti’s in a lower level of the basement.
  • Go back to Agatha and let her drink the poisoned wine (Achievement/Trophy: Crime, No Punishment trophy).
  • Go to your Mind Palance and form conclusions.
  • Go to Oakmont City Hall and use the archives, selecting the Looking for a Newcomer evidence:
    • 1: Newcomers
    • 2: Legal Documents
    • 3: After the Flood
  • To go Glenn Byers’ house (Shells; Revenue House street, near Powderhouse Street and Orchard Avenue).
  • Go to the second floor and inspect the area. Go into his apartment.
  • Speak with Glenn; you can persuade him to tell you where the weapon is and speed things along.
  • Form conclusions in your Mind Palace.
  • Go downstairs and find the murder weapon under the sink.
  • Go back to the Apartment of Milton Pierce and to the basement. You may have to fight monsters.
  • Place the weapon in the washing basket. Take out your camera and take a photo of it to frame Milton.
  • Go back to the Carpenter Manor and finish the frame of Milton, speaking with Frank.
  • Enter the portal and piece together the timeline:
    • 1: There’s only one thing to examine.
  • Go to the Devil’s Reef Hotel and check out your hotel room.
  • After speaking with Van der Berg, shoot him for (Achievement/Trophy: Double Tap).

Case closed! Next, Fleeing Phoenix.

The Sinking City is available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. We reviewed it here.