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The Sinking City Deal with the Devil case guide

We’re nearing the end of our The Sinking City main case guide series with the game’s sixth case: Deal with the Devil.

As per usual, spoilers will be discussed past this point, so continue at your own risk.

Case #5: Nosedive | Case #6: Deal with the Devil | Case #7: Self-Defense

  • You’ll start off in the hospital. Talk to the nearby Johannes van der Berg.
  • Go to the ground floor and speak with reception.
  • Use the Good Samaritan clue in the archives:
    • Patients
    • After the Flood
    • Therapy
  • You’ll be directed to Seven Oaks Bar.
  • Head there and speak with Billy — he’s got the yellow scarf.
  • If you feel like it, buy him a drink with a bullet (that’s not code for killing him — we mean that literally).
  • Head to Calm Shore, south of the bar.
  • Kill the monsters there and examine all evidence around your diving suit and the smashed boat. Use Mind’s Eye around the corpses to be directed to a wall with a symbol on it.
  • Step through the portal and piece together events:
    • 1: Getting rescued from the water.
    • 2: Reed on the beach.
    • 3: Screams to leave as monsters are appearing
  • Head back to Seven Oaks Bar and look for Billy. Take the picture in his place, examine it and then talk to the bartender to be told of Blackwood Manor.
  • Go to Blackwood Manor (Grimhaven Bay, very east); check the front door and then make your way to the back, examine corpses and killing enemies if need be.
  • Use Mind’s Eye on the bricks to open the doorway.
  • Fight the monsters thre, then examine the area and head upstairs. Kill monsters here too, then go down into the basement.
  • Fight the huge monster guy (shotgun = amazing here).
  • Examine everything, then use Mind’s Eye on the wall to open a passway down.
  • Examine everything, then again use Mind’s Eye to open up another area. Inspect the graves.
  • Piece together the timeline:
    • 1: Ebernote leads the Chosen to the basement.
    • 2: The failed ritual.
    • 3: The Chosen is buried.
  • Enter your Mind Palace and form conclusions — you don’t have to decide here, but there is an Achievement/Trophy for allowing Ebernote to go through with the ritual.
  • Inspect the altar again and pickup the key. Head upstairs and go into the door with the EOD logo on it.
  • Inspect everything in the room.
  • Form a conclusion in your Mind Palace.
  • Head to Oakmont City Hall and use the archive looking for the cannery:
    • Enterprises
    • 19th Centure
    • Grimhaven Bay
  • Head to the Blackwood-Marsh Cannery — it’s at the corner of Fitz O’Callaghan and Nantucket St, just above the docks.
  • Enter the building and speak with the men. Examine everything in the building and form more conclusions in your Mind Palace.
  • After you’ve found everything, head to the first floor to speak with Ebernote. He’ll ask you to decide to go through the ritual or not. Save here if you wish, but I went with the ritual to get (Achievement/Trophy: What Could Go Wrong?).
  • Take the seal once the ritual is finished. Examine the room.
  • Enter the portal to piece together the timeline of events:
    • 1: Your body hovering over the altar.
    • 2: You walking away from the altar.
    • 3: Men fighting tentacles.
  • Form a conclusion in your Mind Palace.
  • Head to Van der Berg’s address — the Crown Theatre (Advent; Vinland Avenue).
  • Enter the nearby alley and break the lock on the door to enter.
  • Enter the theatre and find Van der Berg.

Case closed! Next, Self-Defense.

The Sinking City is available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. We reviewed it here.

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