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Destiny 2 Lumina quest guide: Get it and Rose

Destiny 2 offers the chance to earn yet another Exotic hand cannon called Lumina, the polar opposite of the Thorn Exotic hand cannon.

This new Exotic has the ability to heal (which admittedly is pretty neat). Its Noble Rounds perk will let you pick up special healing rounds while dispatching enemies. Fire those special rounds at teammates and you’ll heal them alongside providing them a damage buff at the same time.

If you’re keen to grab Lumina, here’s what’s required.

  • Locate the ‘A Fateful Gift’ quest step by travelling to the EDZ’s Trostland and then travelling through the salt mines. You’ll find the remnants of Lumina in the same place you found those of Thorn.
  • You’ll get ‘A Fateful Gift’ and an item called System Positioning Device when opening the chest.
  • The System Positioning Device will task you to open a unique chest, dependant on the hour. Below are videos to find each chest depending on the one you’re tasked to track down:
  • You’re then tasked to complete ‘Bearer of Evil’s Past’ be generating orbs. Take to events like Escalation Protocol or the Blind Well to do this with supers. Completing this will award you Rose, a Legendary hand cannon.
  • The next three quest steps form a major quest line and can be completed in any order:
    • ‘Band Together’ comes next, asking you to complete a Nightfall Strike with over 50,000 score. Aim for 100,000 and bash out that Weekly, eh?
    • Next is ‘Face the Hordes’, which tasks you to earn 35 point through completion of Blind Well, Escalation Protocol or Forge events. You’l get 4 point from a Forge, 7 points from Blind Well Tier 4 or 1 point per wave of Escalation Protocol (you get 3 points per EP boss kill too).
    • Finally, ‘Defend the Light’ will close out this section of the quest line, asking you to defeat multiple opponents without reloading. It’s best to aim for this one last as you’ve likely made progress in it bashing out the previous two steps.
  • Next comes ‘Fireteam Leader’, which once again rewards completions in EP, Blind Well, Forges and the Menagerie. You’ll gain far more points by having as many players in your Fireteam using either Rose or Lumina.
  • Finally, you’ll earn Lumina by using Rose in the Will of the Thousands Strike. You’ll also need to destroy 11 floating crystals scattered throughout the Strike, killing Xol with Rose in the same run.

Work better off a video? Easy — one’s below. Enjoy that new hand cannon!

Destiny 2 is available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. It heads to Stadia later in the year.

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