The Sinking City Fathers and Sons case guide

We’re continuing our The Sinking City main case guide series with its fourth case, Fathers and Sons.

If you’ve been following these guides, you know the deal: continue at your own will.

Case #3: Quid Pro Quo | Case #4: Fathers and Sons | Case #5: Nosedive

  • Throgmorton kicks off the next case, telling you where to find the smugglers.
  • Go to the Oakmont Chronicle use the archives, using the Fred’s Demand evidence.
    • Advertisements
    • Salvation Harbor
    • After the Flood.
  • You’ll be pointed to the Seven Oaks Bar (Salvation Harbor; Calmshore Street and Salvation Road).
  • Speak with the bartender. He’ll give you an address.
  • Head to Grimhaven Bay; Levi Coffin Avenue, northeast of the intersection of Marsh Avenue.
  • Check all the evidence, including the corpse. Use your Mind’s Eye when prompted.
  • Walk through the portal and piece together the timeline:
    • 1: “Droch!”
    • 2: “You’re done, kid!”
    • 3: “No mercy!”
    • 4: “Get rid of him.”
  • Go back to Seven Oaks Bar and speak with the bartender.
  • He’ll send you to an address in Salvation Harbour; Windmill Avenue between Octopus Avenue and Skipper Road.
  • Speak with Brutus Carpenter.
  • Piece together conclusions in your Mind Palace.
  • Examine all the evidence in the hideout, including using your Mind’s Eye on the memento covered in blood.
  • Talk to Brutus about the murdered woman.
  • Head to the Crematorium (Reed Heights; next to the cemetary at Wayne and Phillips).
  • Examine all items.
  • Step through the portal and piece together the timeline:
    • 1: Conversation at Morgue, level 1
    • 2: Brutus wakes up, level 2
    • 3: Brutus attacks worker
    • 4: Brutus leans on wall near stairs
  • Open your Mind Palace and form conclusions.
  • Go to the Hospital of St. Mary and use the archives with Locate James Warren as evidence:
    • Patients
    • After the flood
    • Surgery
  • Go and speak with Warren upstairs on level 2.
  • Go to Carpenter Manor (Oldgrove; Goldbridge Road between Hillside and Century).
  • Speak with the guard, who’ll also give you a First Aid kit.
  • Go into the basement and look for potatoes, then use your Mind’s Eye an follow the omens to get a man kneeling on a car’s rooftop. Speak with him and decide how to deal with both him and the guard.
  • Go back and speak with the guard.
  • Go upstairs after being informed you can speak with Graham.
  • Examine evidence and use your Mind’s Eye to follow the flying beast to get a key.
  • Use the key upstairs in Brutus’ room.
  • Form more conclusions in your Mind Palace.
  • Go to Graham’s floor and inspect all evidence, including Brutus’ room.
  • Speak with both, then form conclusions.
  • Go to the Oakmont University Library and use Find an old Oakmont church as evidence:
    • Religion
    • 17th-19th Century
    • Local
  • Head to the Redemption Church (Salvation Harbor; Marsh Avenue between Polaris and Old Church).
  • Look at the altar with your Mind’s Eye and align the symbols for cause enemies to spawn.
  • Explore and examine all evidence.
  • Use your Mind’s Eye on all the statues to reveal a true statue.
  • Go downstairs and get a key off a corpse. Also check the diving suit and explore the church.
  • Enter the portal and piece together the timeline:
    • 1: “The stars are aligned.”
    • 2: “Make sure you get every scrap.”
    • 3: “Take them to the crematorium.”
    • 4: “Don’t wait, I’ll catch up.”
  • Use the diving suit.
  • Use your Mind’s Eye to align symbols and reveal a passage through.
  • Kill the cultists.
  • Kill the boss — watch its projectiles and try to throw them back at the thing. (Achievement/Trophy: Use Protection).
  • Go to the altar and examine things. Save the game here as there are two branching paths, each with an Achievement or Trophy.
  • Form the conclusion to help Graham and see it through for (Achievement/Trophy: Sic Semper Tyranis). Save again if you’d like.
  • Go back to a previos save and form the conclusion to help Brutus. See it through for (Achievement/Trophy: Et Tu, Brutus?). Save here and then decide which path you’d like to “really” take.
  • Go and speak with Fred in the Fish Market basement.

Case closed! Next, Nosedive.

The Sinking City is available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. We reviewed it here.

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