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Sea of Thieves tips and tricks: Be a better pirate!

No. Be the BEST pirate.

Stevivor’s staff of pirates have come together and now present to you a list of tips and tricks essential to excel in Sea of Thieves.

Let’s get straight into ’em, eh?

Steve’s tips

Luke’s tips

  • The compass can be used to count steps for riddles.
  • If you don’t feed captured pigs they will die — they’ll squeal when hungry.
  • Your Crow’s Nest is a good place to store gun powder barrels. They are safer from being hit by cannons and other players — which will do damage to your own ship.
  • Your Anchor is used for stopping. Once you’re stopped, raise your sails, then raise the anchor. If you’re in a hurry its quicker to leave by lowering the sails then raising the anchor.
  • Turn your lanterns off on the ship — it makes it harder for other ships to see you.
  • If you’re shooting another ship with cannons, hit them below the water line so they take on water and sink — otherwise you’re just creating holes.
  • Climb into your ships cannons and fire yourself as a quick way to board other ships or access a part of an island.
  • As a crew, if you board another players’ boat try lower their anchor to make them an easier target to fire your cannons at or board them.
  • Emotes shift your camera to third person — use them to hide behind objects and you’ll still be able to see in front of and around you.
  • Charm snakes by playing music.

Jay’s tips

  • Do not use nautical terminology unless everyone understands it. Saying ‘go to port’ and having your crew scatter in different directions isn’t helpful.
  • Your steering wheel (he wrote ‘helm’ before but I’ve noted his first tip: Editor) has an indicator on it so you know when your rudder is straight. It’s a handle/prong on the wheel that has a brass finish (the others are just timber). Remember that the galleon’s wheel goes around twice though.

We’ll keep adding to this list as we think of more. Do you have any tips for fellow pirates?

Sea of Thieves is out now on Windows PC and Xbox One.