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Resident Evil 7 collectibles guide: All Mr. Everywhere locations

Resident Evil 7‘s full of puzzles and collectible items, and Stevivor’s here to help you out as you play.

Up now is a listing of all Mr. Everywhere locations, the collectible bobbleheads that protagonist Ethan is tasked to shoot (though knife strikes work just as well, by the way). As part of this guide, up to two Trophies or Achievements will unlock:

  • He’s Here, There, Everywhere!: Destroy a Mr. Everywhere statuette
  • Mr. Nowhere: Destroy all Mr. Everywhere statuettes

We’ve got all locations for each of the 20 Mr. Everywheres below.


This guide will be split up into “point of no return” sections, meaning you should collect all items on a page before continuing on in Resident Evil 7‘s story. Each page will be marked by a spoiler, though as small of one as we can muster, telling you the action that will stop you from collecting items. The files themselves are then split up into sections of the map. They are not necessarily chronological.

Ready to go?

Point of no return for this page: Solving Lucas’ birthday puzzle and heading to the pier.

Main House B1 (Processing Area)

  • Stairwell: In a stairwell that has a door requiring a Snake Key.

Main House 1F

  • Laundry Room: You can break it as soon as the Deputy hands over his pocket knife.

  • Hallway: Specifically, the one that runs around the Dining Area, Kitchen, Pantry and Living Room, just past the door that leads to the Main Hall. You can use the knife to break this one too.

  • Main Hall: This is the one that really gives you an idea you’re supposed to destroy the little buggers.

  • Deer Room: Beside the Crow Key door.

Main House 2F

  • Recreation Room: In the corner with a nearby Antique Coin and file.

Main House Attic

  • Lucas’ attic: After you’ve grabbed the Happy Birthday tape, the Toy Shotgun, Toy Axe and Keycard, shoot the Mr. Everywhere before you head back down the ladder.


  • Trailer: Hidden in the steps of the trailer.

Old House 1F

  • Stairwell: You’ll see this as you go up the stairs back to the main portion of the old house from the Cellar. It’s hiding behind a pallet.

  • Save Room: This is behind a beaded curtain in the save room nearest the shadow puzzle.

  • Crawl space: This one is on a shelf right where you pick up the Crank. It’s also where Mia is recaptured by Marguerite.

Old House 2F

  • Lantern lock room: Right on top of the desk.

Testing Area 1F

  • Barn: Look to the left when you get to the big stack of hay bales.

  • Hallway: After leaving the Monitor Room, turn around and look above the door.

Boat House 1F

  • End of the dock: Down the right path from where you’ll last use the crank. Hidden under netting.

Point of no return for this page: This has to be done playing as Mia, and before you locate Ethan.

Wrecked Ship 3F

  • Shaft: The previously locked door at the end of the hallway has a ladder that leads to weapons, a lockpick and a Mr. Everywhere. The lockpick is needed for a Antique Coin on 3F.

Wrecked Ship 4F

  • Stairwell: On the left hand side of the left hand stairwell. Leads to a dead end.

Point of no return for this page: Do this before heading down into the salt mine.


  • Shack: On the windowsill of the building with the radio, save system and item box.

Point of no return for this page: Do this before heading up the Guest House stairs to confront Eveline.

Salt Mine

  • Catwalk: In front of a barrel, up on a ledge, before you go into the lab with a bunch of files.

Guest House B1

  • Storeroom: On a shelf.

Resident Evil 7 is available today on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. Read our spoiler-free review here.

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