Resident Evil 2 padlock combinations: 1, 2, 3 — it’s a snap!


Goodies await.

Resident Evil 2 is finally available to play, and we’ve made a series of guides that’ll help you be your best. This guide is all about padlock combinations.

Padlocks in Resident Evil 2 are pretty simple — they’re 3 digit affairs with a very small number of possible combinations. You can either brute force the padlocks, or you can seek out files with said combos. Or, you know, you can just read our answers below.

Keep in mind that the padlock combinations in the full game are different from the ones in the 1-Shot Demo.

We’ll try to make our guides as spoiler free as possible — story beats will largely be skipped, but item and room names won’t be — so rest assured we won’t ruin anything for you. With that in mind, let’s get to it!

Resident Evil 2 padlock combinations

General padlocks

  • RPD Shower Room (2F): CAP
    • Awards Shotgun Shells (Leon), Flame Rounds (Claire)
  • RPD Hallway (3F): DCM
    • Awards Magnum Ammo
  • Sewers Control Room (Upper): SZF
    • Awards Magnum Ammo

Leon’s desk padlocks

There are two padlocks on Leon’s desk in the RPD West Office (1F), coded to the first names of Leon’s colleagues.

Padlock combinations are as follows:

  • Left padlock: NED (Neil, Elliot, David)
  • Right padlock: MRG (Marvin, Rita, George)

Unlocking Leon’s desk will award you weapon parts — High-Capacity Mag. (Matilda) for Leon or the Speed Loader (SLS 60) for Claire.

If you’ve unlocked all padlocks — and all the safes and portable safes in the game too — you’ll be awarded with the Master of Unlocking Achievement or Trophy. Congratulations!

Resident Evil 2 is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. Check out our other guides below.

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