Resident Evil 2 Ghost Survivors Mr Raccoon locations: Got ‘Em


Once more around Raccoon City, shooting toys.

Resident Evil 2 Ghost Survivors DLC is available now, and with it comes two new Achievements or Trophies. One in particular is like the base game and requires you to track down 10 total Mr. Raccoon collectibles. This guide will help you do so.

We’ve confirmed that at least some of the Mr Raccoons can be obtained in the scenario’s Training modes, making it far easier to clear enemies and search for the collectibles themselves.

Ghost Survivors DLC Mr Raccoon locations guide

No Time to Mourn (Kendo)

1. Look to the shelves in Kendo’s Gun Shop, right where you found a weapon upgrade for Leon in the main game.

2. After leaving the Operators Room, look down in the area where Claire or Leon fought Birkin for the first time (Machinery Room). It’s sitting on some equipment.

3. [Path 1] From the Workers’ Break Room, go through the Workroom and continue moving forward. After a tense corridor of Gs in the Lower Waterway, you’ll climb up and be faced off against an Ivy. Look into the pipe directly in front of you.

4. [Path 2] From the Workers’ Break Room take the stairs to your left and head to the dead-end corridor in the Upper Waterway. Look up to the platforms above.

Runaway (Katherine)

1. You might think this one’s tricky as it’s in the Basketball Court where you’ll alert a series of Lickers when you shoot it. Take our pro tip and shoot it from outside the court — aim between the fence, take it out and then wait for the Lickers to calm down (you can do this to get the key from the backpack too).

2. Look inside the back of the ambulance just before the Parking Garage.

3. When you get to the Jail cells, don’t go through the main corridor; instead, turn right and go through the open door. Look through the broken wall of one cell into another and you’ll see it on a table.

Forgotten Soldier (Ghost)

1. After taking a lift up to an upper level near the Pump Room, look back in the scaffolding down where you’ve come up from.

2. In the lab, wait until Mr. X bursts from the Security Room and go into it. It’s on the desk where the map was in the main game.

No Way Out (Daniel)

1. The sole Mr Raccoon is inside the first internal room that is accessible when a door swings open. Blink and you’ll miss it — if you kill everything that comes through the door, it closes. You can get this any time the door opens, but it’s best to do early on, as enemies continue to pour into the gas station.

Resident Evil 2 is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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