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Resident Evil 2 demo guide: Every puzzle we could solve

The Resident Evil 2 1-Shot Demo is available now, and we’ve got solutions to each and every puzzle we could find.

Since you only have 30 minutes to complete the demo, we thought we’d provide some solutions to make sure you can savour each and every single minute. Be warned that spoilers lie ahead so read at your own peril.

When does the demo end?

The demo ends as soon as you get the Spade Key and head back to the RPD Station 1F Main Hall.

The Spade Key is found on the way to the West Storage Room on 3F; you’ll need to cut back through the Library to make your way back to Marvin.

Resident Evil 2 demo RPD Station Maps

Here’s a full map of RPD Station 1F, 2F and 3F:

1F (found in 1F Operations Room)

2F & 3F (found in 2F Lounge)

How to get the shotgun

To get the shotgun, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Speak with Marvin and get the Combat Knife.
  • Use the knife on the box that allows access to the West Office and beyond.
  • Get the Weapons Locker Key Card from the Operations Room.

  • Go to the Safety Deposit Room and use the Key Card at the back of the room.

You’ll get both a shotgun and shotgun shells! Nice!

Other Safety Deposit Room items

At the entrance to the Safety Deposit Room (RPD 1F) is a computer that will let you enter locker numbers. This is the same room you can get the Shotgun in.

Since the 2 and 3 keys are missing on the keypad in the room, you’ll only have access to the following lockers:

  • 106: Film
  • 109: Handgun bullets

In the main game, you’ll surely be able to find the missing keys and gain access to a bunch of additional lockers. Items that you can’t access in the demo include:

  • 102: Gunpowder
  • 103: Combat knife
  • 203: Hip Pouch
  • 208: Shotgun shells

The film can be processed in the Dark Room (aka Save Room) on 1F.

Codes for lockers with padlocks

  • Men’s Locker Room 2F (Beside Shower Room): Code is BIO and unlocks Shotgun ammo
  • 3F Hallway (see 3F map above): Code is RES and unlocks Magnum ammo

Medallion solutions

  • 2F Main Hall (right at the top of the stairs to 1F): Crown symbol, Lion symbol, Ram symbol — unlocks Lion Medallion

  • 3F Lounge: Dove symbol, Woman symbol, Harp symbol — unlocks Unicorn Medallion

How to get 2x Hip Pouch

  • The first Hip Pouch is in the Safe inside the West Office. The code is right 9, left 15, right 7.

  • The second Hip Pouch will give you two more storage slots, and is found near a file in the West Storage Room.

Resident Evil 2 heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 25 January.

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