Pokémon Sun and Moon: How to grab Magaerna, the game’s first Mythical Pokémon


Players are now able to grab Pokémon Sun and Moon‘s first Mythical Pokémon, Magaerna.

At level 50, Magaerna possesses the Soul-Heart ability alongside the Flash Cannon, Fleur Cannon, Lucky Chant and Helping Hand moves.

Here’s how to redeem:

  • First, you have to complete the game’s main storyline
  • Head to the QR scanner function
  • Use the QR code that corresponds to your region (Australia/New Zealand use Europe, by the way):

  • The delivery man at the Hau’oli City Antiquities of the Ages shop will have your new Pokémon


Pokémon Sun and Moon are available now on 3DS. We reviewed the game here, and we’ve a list of other QR codes here.