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Pokemon Go: How to get Unova Stones and what they evolve

Pokemon Go has recently added fifth generation Pokemon from Pokemon Black & White and with them come Unova Stones, rare evolution items used to evolve specific catches. Here’s how to get Unova Stones and what Pokemon Unova Stones can evolve.

How to get Unova Stones

For the time being, you’re only going to be able to acquire Unova Stones through completing weekly Field Research Breakthroughs. Doing so will spawn a Pokemon and also provide the chance for an Unova Stone. Cross your fingers… it’s not a likely drop, sadly enough.

Which Pokemon are evolved by Unova Stones?

For the time being, only four Pokemon can take advantage of Unova Stones:

  • Litwick → Lampent → Chandelure (100 Litwick Candy plus Unova Stone)
  • Pansear → Simisear (50 Pansear Candy plus Unova Stone)
  • Pansage → Simisage (50 Pansage Candy plus Unova Stone)
  • Panpour → Simipour (50 Panpour Candy plus Unova Stone)

There you have it — enjoy the hunt, Pokemon Trainers!

Pokemon Go is currently available on iOS and Android devices.


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