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Overwatch: Sombra’s guide to player hacking

Overwatch‘s newest character, Sombra, takes a lot of getting used to. One of her best abilities allows her to hack other player characters, making her a valued offensive and defensive target.

With that in mind, here’s what Sombra can and can’t do when it comes to Overwatch‘s other Heroes.


First off, we don’t mean you can hack yourself — the below refers to facing off against other players as Sombra.

You can prevent another Sombra from using her Translocator teleport. You’ll be able to see her when she’s using Thermoptic Camo, but you won’t be able to hack the cloak itself.

You can’t hack her if she hacks you first — watch out for your opponent’s EMP!


You can stop Reaper’s teleport and Death Blossom. EMP works wonders if Death Blossom’s already activated.

You can’t hack Reaper while he’s in Wraith Form.

Soldier 76

You can hack his sprint, Helix Rockets and Biotic Field.

You can’t hack Soldier 76 in mid-sprint. His Tactical Visor cannot be hacked or EMPed.


You can hack his Swift Strike or Deflect.

You can’t really hack Swift Strike after it’s activated. Dragonblade is also untouchable by hack or EMP.


You can hack Deadeye, even activation. EMP also works on this.

You won’t be able to stop Flashbang, or Combat Roll after it’s activated.


You can stop Jump Jet at the very start of its activation. Barrage can be both hacked and EMPed.

You can’t hack her flight.


Pretty much everything. If you manage to stop his Dragonstrike arrow, that’ll stop the rest of the Ultimate.


Concussion mine can be hacked, even after its throw.

You won’t be able to stop Steel Trap or Rip-Tire.


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