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The Outer Worlds Companions guide: Build your crew

Where to find each companion alongside all their unique perks.

The Outer Worlds unashamedly borrows from the Fallout series, and the notion of companions is just one of the things Obsidian does so very well. This guide is all about how to find each of the game’s six companions alongside detailed stats so you can plan our your journey.

Let’s get into it!

Ellie | Felix | Nyoka | Parvati | Vicar Max | SAM

Companion universal Perks

While each companion has his, her or its own unique set of skills and perks, they share a considerable amount of universal ones, as follows:

Tier 1 universal companion Perks

  • Healthy: +30% Base Health
  • Boisterous: +30% Threat
  • Sneaky: -30% Threat

Tier 2 universal companion Perks

  • Fine Aim: +10% Ranged Damage
  • Battle Hardened: +5 Armor Rating
  • Heavy Handed: +10% Melee Damage

Tier 3 universal companion Perks

  • Spec Ops: +20% Chance to Reset Ability Cooldown on Ability Use
  • Stonebreaker: +30% Companion Ability Damage
  • Jazz Hands: -30% Equip Time, +30% Ranged Weapon Reload Speed

Tier 4 universal companion Perks

  • Echoing Thunder: +20% Chance to Reset Ability Cooldown on Kill
  • Shake it Off: -30% Harmful Status Effect Duration
  • Showtime: +25% Damage for 5s

Tier 5 universal companion Perks

  • Long Winter: +20% Duration of Status Effects inflicted by Companion Abilities
  • Stand Your Ground: +3 Armor Rating for 10s
  • Second Wind: Healed to 25% Health when downed (15m cooldown)


Where to find Ellie

Ellie’s on Groundbreaker. She’s in the Medical Bay and obtained through the Worst Contact quest.

Ellie’s Skills

  • Lie
  • Medical
  • Engineering

Ellie’s Ability

  • Quick Draw

Tier 1 unique Perk

  • Bonus Support Medical: +10 Medical

Tier 2 unique Perk

  • First Responder: +20% Heal Amount granted by the Medical Inhaler

Tier 3 unique Perk

  • CPR: Recover 25% Health when fatally wounded (5m cooldown)


Where to find Felix

Felix is also on Groundbreaker. He’ll be in the Landing Bay initially. Find him and complete a quest that takes you into the Back Bays and he’ll later be waiting for you outside the Unreliable. Approve his request to join your crew at that point — and be mindful not to start a shootout in Groundbreaker before then or he’ll turn hostile before you can recruit.

Felix’s Skills

  • Persuade
  • Sneak
  • Lockpick

Felix’s Ability

  • Dropkick

Tier 1 unique Perk

Bonus Support Persuade: +10 Persuade

Tier 2 unique Perk

Bootlickers: +20% Damage to Cowering Enemies

Tier 3 unique Perk

Rebellion: +20% Damage to Corporate Military


Where to find Nyoka

Nyoka’s on Monarch. She’s actually part of the main quest; you can recruit her via the Radio Free Monarch quest (after completing Passion Pills in the middle of it).

Nyoka’s Skills

  • Lie
  • Sneak
  • Medical

Nyoka’s Ability

  • Barrage

Tier 1 Perks

Bonus Support Lie: +10 Lie

Tier 2 Perks

Hunter: -20% Radius of Footstep Sounds

Tier 3 Perks

Exterminator: +20% Damage to Creatures


Where to find Parvati

Parvati’s in Edgewater. She’s actually part of the main quest and one of the first characters you’ll meet (unless you go off exploring).

Parvati’s Skills

  • Persuade
  • Lockpick
  • Engineering

Parvati’s Ability

  • Overload

Tier 1 unique Perk

Bonus Support Engineering: +10 Engineering

Tier 2 unique Perk

Mod Finder: +10% Chance to extract Mods in the Field

Tier 3 unique Perk

Synchronicity: +25% Tactical Time Dilation Meter

Vicar Max

Where to find Vicar Max

Vicar Max is in Edgewater. Go and head into the church to speak with him; complete The Illustrated Manual quest and you’ll be able to recruit him.

Vicar Max’s Skills

  • Intimidate
  • Hack
  • Science

Vicar Max’s Ability

  • Trickshot

Tier 1 Unique Perk

  • Bonus Support Hack: +10 Hack

Tier 2 Unique Perk

  • Sermon: +20% Dialog Combat Effect Duration

Tier 3 Unique Perk

  • Mad Max: +20% Science Weapon Damage


Where to find SAM

SAM is in a closet on the upper floor of the Unreliable. Once you find him, complete The Cleaning Machine quest (which will involve an Acid Seeper that you can grab during The Doom That Came to Roseway quest).

SAM’s Skills

  • Intimidate
  • Hack
  • Science

SAM’s Ability

  • Deconaminate

Tier 1 Unique Perk

  • Bonus Support Intimidate: +10 Intimidate

Tier 2 Unique Perk

  • [None]

Tier 3 Unique Perk

  • Bad Samaritan: +20% Damage to Automechanicals

The Outer Worlds heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 25 October.


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