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How to rearrange the order of Xbox One Guide tabs

Xbox changed the order of guide tabs, but you can move them back.

Xbox has reshuffled the order of items in the Xbox One Guide in its most recent public update (late May 2020). If you are anything like us, it’s wreaking havoc with quick access to Achievements or Friends — but you don’t have to relearn everything. As part of the update, Xbox has also introduced the option to rearrange the Xbox One Guide tabs in any order you like.

By default the Xbox tab is listed on the far left. This is always what will open when the Xbox button is pressed, so it’s a logical position for newbies. However, we are used to hitting LB to go to Achievements, and thankfully, we still can.

To rearrange the order of Xbox Guide tabs, go to the Profile tab — far right by default. Navigate to Customise guide tabs and move them into an order that suits. We find LB for Achievements and RB for Friends and Parties works really well. If you don’t like it, they can always be reset into the default layout Xbox recommends.

Thanks to Brad Stephenson for saving me from hitting the Home button every time I was trying to look at Achievements. 


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