God of War maximum rage guide: All Horns of Blood Mead


You won't like Kratos when he's angry.

God of War has two key, upgradable meters, one for Kratos’ deadly Spartan Rage and another for his health. Today, we present guides on how to maximise both.

Spoilers continue below (though we did our best to keep things as spoiler-free as possible). Be warned — turn back now if you want to go into the game blind.

Kratos’ Spartan Rage is increased by finding groupings of three Horns of Blood Mead. Below is how to find all nine, increasing your rage meter a total of three different times. Doing so will also earn you the Quick to Temper (Silver) Trophy.

Horn of Blood Mead 1

This one’s after a tricky, spike-filled puzzle. After bypassing the threat, jump on top of the spiked-roof thing. Then go from there.

(Sorry about the lack of sound in this one.)

Horn of Blood Mead 2

This one’s in a large, open area that’s initially populated by wolves (and, of course, a Dwarven friend).

Horn of Blood Mead 3

This one’s on the main story path, just as you approach the Ringed Temple. This one’s done by hitting the seals in this order: R, C, N.

Horn of Blood Mead 4

This one’s as you leave the Ringed Temple. You can almost stand in one spot to hit the seals in the following order: C, R, N.

Horn of Blood Mead 5

This one’s in an underground cave system along the main story path. You need to set three spinny things to the following symbols: B, N, R.

Horn of Blood Mead 6

This one’s underneath the Witch’s home, in a cave system.

Horn of Blood Mead 7

Get this one when you and Atreus are both in Hel, before you board the ship.

Horn of Blood Mead 8

This one is in Veithurgard, and is probably easiest to grab after you’ve helped free a local Dragon. We accidentally garbled the initial capture of this one, so sorry that we’re only retracing our steps in this video.

Horn of Blood Mead 9

The final Horn is found on the way to Fafnir’s Storeroom.

With that, you’ve found all the Horns of Blood Mead — congratulations on your newfound levels of Spartan Rage!

God of War is available now on PS4.

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