God of War maximum health guide: All Idunn Apple locations


A healthy Kratos is a successful Kratos.

God of War has two key, upgradable meters, one for Kratos’ health and another for his Spartan Rage. Today, we’re presenting guides on how to maximise both.

Spoilers continue below (though we did our best to keep things as spoiler-free as possible). Be warned — turn back now if you want to go into the game blind.

Kratos’ health meter can be increased by finding groupings of three Idunn Apples. Below is how to find all nine, increasing your health meter a total of three different times. Your effort will also earn you the Idunn’s Orchard (Silver) Trophy.

Idunn Apple 1

This apple can be found at a 4-way intersection after Kratos’ first battle. We broke the seals in a specific order — C, R, N — not realising that the seals can be broken in any order you choose. Whoops.

(Also, our capture card went a bit crazy for the first four Apples — the videos below are still incredibly useful to see where the Apples are, but they’re rather silent. Sorry in advance!)

Idunn Apple 2

This isn’t too far along past the first Idunn Apple; it’s near a bridge that you’ll need to jump over and just around the corner from the game’s second lore-expositioning Shrine.

Idunn Apple 3

(Hey — the image is far improved, but the sound’s still out. Getting there!)

This can be found after your second Troll encounter in the same large, open area. This one brings a new mechanic to the fold — the seals are on bells, and will timeout if you take too long to hit all three. We found it easiest to hit them in this order: C, N, R.

Idunn Apple 4

Once you gain access to the Lake of Nine, find Lookout Tower. This is another tricky bell one with a second timing mechanic thanks to pesky spikes. Preparation is key, as is the order. [Spikes], N, R, [spikes], C.

Idunn Apple 5

(Audio AND visual? Who’d have thought it possible! Again, sorry about the technical difficulties.)

This is in a hidden area called Forgotten Caverns. The chest is protected by bell-seals, and they’re on a stupid spinny thing that may test your patience.

Idunn Apple 6

This one’s in Alfheim, in the underground area with a multi-level bridge mechanism.

Idunn Apple 7

We grabbed this one after Atreus gained electric arrows. It’s near a complex bridge system.

Idunn Apple 8

This one is in Tyr’s Vault, in amidst one of his several booby traps.

Idunn Apple 9

The final Idunn Apple is on Light Elf Island. Congratulations — you’ve done it!

God of War is now available on PS4.

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