God of War Bitter Squirrel summon guide: Meet Ratatoskr


And git good.

God of War has a lot of different runes and summons, but the best by far is a little squirrel named Ratatoskr.

He mightn’t be able to help out in a combat situation by fighting enemies, but he can dig underground and find much needed health or Spartan Rage energy.

Best yet, he’s a potty-mouthed complainer as evidenced by the name of his summon: Bitter Squirrel.

Here’s how to find him.

Find God of War’s Bitter Squirrel summon

The summon is located at the top of the Light Elf Outpost. It’s to the northwest of the Lake of Nines, near the Ruins of the Ancients. You’ll need Atreus’ light arrows before you can get to the top of the area, so keep that in mind.

The location of the chest is below, alongside a taste of what Ratatoskr has to offer.

What a little gem, eh?

God of War is available now on PS4.

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Thanks to our friends Luke and Joab for recommending we fall in love with Ratatoskr.