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Destiny 2 Last Word Guide: Get the new Exotic Hand Cannon

Time to take on The Draw quest.

Destiny 2 has been updated to include the new Draw quest, offering players the chance to get the new Last Word Exotic Hand Cannon.

This guide details the steps you’ll need to take to get said weapon.

  • Tainted Artifact: Talk to The Drifter to kick off the quest. You’ll be given a Hive artifact.
  • The Cleansing: With the artifact, you’ll need to pick up items dropped by Hive, Solar kills on Hive and three Hive boss kills.
  • A Cleansed Artifact: Check back in with The Drifter.
  • The Temptation: Get Crucible kills. Streaks help and deaths take away from your progress.
  • The Damnation: This is a mission that’ll take you to Titan. Kill a special Hive Acolyte.
  • A New Jagged Purpose: Head back to the Drifter.
  • Sullied Light: You’ll need to gather Etched Crystals from Lost Sector Wanted escapees. Then, you’ll need to earn ““Best served cold” (kill someone who has recently killed you) and “Blood for blood” (kill someone who has recently killed a teammate) medals in the Crucible; 25 medals are needed. Next, defeat Hive with precision damage and collect dropped larvae. Finally, beat Hive bosses from Witches’ Rituals.
  • Sorrow’s Road: Talk to The Drifter.
  • The Conversation: Finish a final mission in the Tangled Shore.
  • A Darker Path: Head back to The Drifter.

Hope you like Crucible action, eh?

Destiny 2 is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.


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