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Destiny 2: How to make the Contact event Heroic

It's easy once you know how.

Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals is out now and with it comes a new Contact public event on Io. This guide will detail how the event works alongside the steps required to make the Contact event Heroic.

You’ll be able to find the event itself on the Io map, so track it, head over and Rally to the Flag while you wait for others to join. Once you feel you’re ready, interact with the event point to have The Drifter send down a Gambit-style Bank.

From that point, you’ll face wave after wave of Cabal and Taken enemies, and like Gambit, killing baddies will cause them drop motes (or reactivate the Bank, depending on who we’re talking about). Your goal is to grab and deposit the motes; doing so with 15 motes held will provide a Heavy Ammo Cache.

During the event, you’ll notice a tooltip that reads Concentrated Darkness coalesces nearby alongside a sound effect that sounds like the tearing of metal. If you look up, you’ll notice a beam of light eminating from the Pyramid ship that’s hovering overhead (as per the screenshot at the top); follow it to its source on the ground and you’ll notice two high-level enemies alongside an Unstoppable Champion (as per the screenshot directly above).

Best those baddies — the Falling Guillotine Legendary Sword (from Level 30 of the free tier of the Season Pass) works a treat here — and collect the golden Bloom that they were guardian. Bank that, and then every other Bloom that spawns, to charge the bank. If done correctly, you’ll activate the Heroic mode and face a challenging final boss.

Destiny 2 is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Stadia where available. A new expansion called Beyond Light heads to those platforms on 23 September, and on Xbox Series X and PS5 at launch.


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