Control outfits guide: Dress to impress, Ms. Director

Control is out now and features a number of different outfits that protagonist Jesse Faden can wear. This guide is to help you find them all.

So far, we’re aware of seven outfits that Jesse can wear. To change outfits, you’ll need to first unlock them and head to the Central Executive Control Point, the only location that allows for the Outfits submenu.

Update: We’ve added the seventh, below.

  • Outfit 1: Civilian [0:00]: This is the outfit that Jesse starts out with.
  • Outfit 7: Janitor’s Assistant [Second video below]: You’ll be able to get this after completing all of Ahti’s side missions. Just keep going to the Janitor’s Office and accept whatever comes. (Note: We thought this was tied to the completion of all side missions but that’s not the case.)
  • Outfit 2: Asynchronous Suit [0:11]: This is found on a mannequin in the Synchronicity Lab — check the video and look where we’re shooting. (You might also need to sync the Newton’s Cradles in the Synchronicity Lab.)
  • Outfit 3: Director’s Suit [0:52]: This is given to you when you finish the game.
  • Outfit 4: Candidate P7 [1:03]: This is found in the P7 Room in the Prime Candidate Program area. Check the closet.
  • Outfit 5: Office Assistant [1:57]: This is technically available before you actually finish, but you’ll be able to wear this outfit by choice after finishing the game.
  • Outfit 6: Golden Suit [2:07]: This is earned by completing the Luck & Probability Puzzle in the area where you first meet Marshall. The method to solve the puzzle is in the video below.

If you’ve found other outfits, let us know about them in the comments area below.

Control is out now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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