Control puzzles and hints guide: Find all its little secrets

Control has a number of puzzles and this guide is here to help you tackle ones that are giving you grief.

As some of the puzzles are in side-missions, we’ve placed a little guide below that’ll help you find what you need. Enjoy!

Furnace TV locations | A Good Defense training course | Self Reflection puzzles | Luck & Probability puzzle

Furnace TV locations (Eternal Fire puzzle)

You may have noticed a TV in the Furnace that had a picture of a fireplace crackling away on it while disposing trash for Ahti. The thing is, there are six of those about, and collecting them all and throwing each TV into the Furnace itself will net you a special mod (and another fight) — in order to collect the mod, make sure you have a slot free for both your personal and your weapon mods.

Another neat thing we’ve learned about this encounter is that Remedy calls it Eternal Fire.

  • Furnace TV 01 [0:00]: As you leave the Furnace area and head towards the large NSC Power Room, look ahead of you. The TV’s near a pipe.
  • Furnace TV 02 [1:35]: In the Furnace room itself — high up on a shelf at the front of the room.
  • Furnace TV 03 [2:19]: This one’s in a small room above the entrance the Furnace Room. Levitate and use Launch to grab it.
  • Furnace TV 04 [3:03]: This one’s at the top of the central pillar of the NSC Power Room. It’s also a Hidden Location.
  • Furnace TV 05 [6:02]: This one’s in the NSC Coolant room, to the right of the large elevator.
  • Furnace TV 06 [7:56]: The final one’s in a small closet on the left as you leave the Furnace Room and head towards the NSC Power Plant.

This one was found with huge thanks to Luke Lawrie and Lance McDonald.

How to finish the training course in ‘A Good Defense’

The course is pretty straightfoward, but you can watch the video below to see what you need to shoot, and when, alongside the power cubes that need to be placed. You don’t have a lot of time to get it right.

Self Reflection mirror puzzles in the Synchronicity Lab

There are three puzzles in the Synchronicity Lab, really. The first will get you into the area with the Mirror Altered Item, and there are two more once inside. The video below shows you how it’s done.

To get to the Mirror

  • Left side doors (from front): Down, up, up
  • Right side doors (from front): Up, down, down

Puzzle 1

  • Match the diagram on the left hand side of control panels in the real world to the one on the right hand side of the mirror world.

Puzzle 2

Luck & Probability puzzle

This one will also award you an outfit for completing it. Once you can access the Luck & Probability Room, here’s what to do:

  1. Turn on all the lights — the desk lamps — in the roulette room.
  2. In the other room, grab the clover and move it to a pot in the roulette room.
  3. Turn on the Newton’s Cradle at the elephant.
  4. Turn on the lucky cat.
  5. Grab the fish from the stand in the corner of the room and use Launch to bring and place it at the roulette table.
  6. Spin the table and enjoy your prize.

Control is out now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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