Anthem Tombs of the Legionnaires guide: Tackle the grind


Here's how to complete Anthem's Tombs of the Legionnaires freeplay challenge.

Anthem is out now for those on Origin Access Premier and EA Access, and we’ve got a handy guide to help complete its Tombs of the Legionnaires freeplay challenge.

This one’s a doozy folks — Anthem‘s largely a matter of flying to a location and taking out enemies as you progress through its campaign; then, this challenge hits. You’ll need to complete this lengthy freeplay challenge in order to keep playing through the game’s story, and this is how it’s done.

How to enter Anthem freeplay

To enter freeplay, do the following:

  • Go to your Javelin and enter it.
  • On the mission launch screen, click Enter (PC), A (Xbox One) or X (PS4) to look at the game’s map
  • On the map, select Freeplay from the legend down the bottom of the screen (or look for icons that look like AT-AT walkers from Star Wars)

Tomb locations and challenges

To enter the tombs, you’ll need to complete their corresponding challenges.

To track the challenges, head to Challenges > Expedition > Freeplay in the menu.

We’ve listed locations alongside requirements for each below:

Trial of Cariff

This tomb is located at the northernmost point of the Emerald Abyss.

  • Complete 3 Missions: If you’ve completed all the missions you have available, you can go to Quickplay > Missions and join other Freelancers.
  • 30 Gear Defeats: These are ability defeats, so don’t use melee or your weapons to achieve these kills.
  • 15 Combo Triggers: These are easy as a Storm Javelin, as an example. I love freezing people (with RB on Xbox One) and then hitting frozen enemies with my lightning bolt or melee.
  • 3 Multi-kills: To achieve a multikill, you’ll need to kill 8 people with 10 seconds of one another. Your ultimate ability against a group of enemies works wonders here.

Trial of Gawnes

This tomb is located between the “F” and “O” of “Fortress of Dawn” when looking at the world map.

  • 50 Melee Defeats: Kill enemies with your melee.
  • 50 Ultimate Defeats: Defeat enemies with your ultimate
  • 3 Legendary Defeats: Any enemy that says Legendary in the name, you got it.

Trial of Yvenia

This tomb entrance is just off a river near a large, large wall. Look for the entry point southeast of the Academy Ruins, and north of a spire that’s shown on the world map.

  • Loot 15 Treasure Chests: This requires you to open and loot 15 Treasure Chests found within the world. At the time of writing, this means you have to actually open the chest, not simply look it. From 22 February, this will change to looting a chest so long as someone in your squad opens it. Chests from world events count for this, as do chests that you stumble upon flying around.
  • Harvest 25 plants: This requires you to harvest the glowing plants you see littered around the world.
  • Repair 3 Javelins: This is best done in a group of friends who’ve entered freeplay together; take on enemies and purposefully get downed, then have a friend revive you. Share and share alike!
  • Collect 10 Collectibles: Look for green marks/carvings scattered across the world.

Trial of Artinia

This final tomb’s in a gulf northwest of Fort Tarsis.

  • Complete 5 World Events: You’ll be alerted when an event’s about to start. See five of these through.
  • 30 Weapon Defeats: Defeat enemies with weapons, not your melee or abilities, 30 times.
  • 15 Weak Point Defeats: Shoot an enemy in its critical spot (usually the head) 15 and land a killing blow with a crit 15 times.
  • 9 Elite Defeats: Defeat 9 Elite enemies. They’ll have the word “Elite” in their description when you target them.

Work better with a video? Easy. One’s below.

How to exit Anthem freeplay

To leave freeplay and head back to Fort Tarsis do the following:

  • Go to your in-game map
  • Look down the bottom of the screen for the correct prompt; on Xbox One, you hold down X to leave freeplay

Anthem is available now (or soon) on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.