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Stevivor’s GOTY 2015: Best sports title

Our next Stevivor GOTY award celebrates Rocket League, easily surpassing the usual sporting titles to take become our best sports game of 2015.

“Rocket League is the future sport of your childhood fantasies,” Stuart said in his review, easily explaining why the unorthodox title took our collective fancy.

“It captures the spirit and joy of competition in a package that is so accessible yet so deep. I would watch professional Rocket League like I would soccer, basketball or hockey, and the skill gap between myself and those professionals I can one day see being as wide in Rocket League as it is in those real sports.”

Sorry, NHL and FIFA 16. More over NBA 2K16. Nice try, PES 2016 — you were all hopelessly outclassed this year.

As you might expect, we’re eagerly looking forward to the game’s release on Xbox One.

Stay tuned for more GOTY next week!

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