PlayStation VR post-launch lineup: Ranking excitement in quick shots


We’ve already taken a look at the PlayStation VR games heading to the platform on or around its launch this week, but now it’s time to take quick shots at titles coming a little further down the track.

Shall we?

Resident Evil 7: Kitchen Demo

  • Purely designed to scare the shit out of you.
  • Excitement level: Won’t even watch somebody else play it.

EVE: Gunjack

  • VR space invaders in the EVE universe
  • Excitement level: Buying a VR headset to play a 40 year old game.

Carnival Games

  • Shovelware minigames, now in VR.
  • Excitement level: Child getting a Wii for Christmas in 2016.

Moto Racer 4

  • VR enhancements for the arcade bike racer.
  • Excitement level: Realising the Moto Racer series is still around.

Eagle Flight

  • Multiplayer Eagle simulator.
  • Excitement level: The brief moment when you wake up from a flying dream but haven’t yet realised you don’t have wings.
  • We’ve previewed it here.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

  • The closest you will get to being a part of the Star Trek universe.
  • Excitement level: Knowing you’ll lose your job if you don’t say nice things about your editors favourite series.
  • We’ve previewed it here.

Werewolves Within

  • The classic party game Werewolves, now requiring a $600 hardware outlay!
  • Excitement level: Being charged to play Snakes and Ladders while your friends play Mysterium.

Ace Banana

  • Move controller archery in VR.
  • Excitement level: Not having to find my Sports Champions disc should I need to play archery.

Star Wars Battlefront – Rogue One: X-Wing VR Mission

  • X-Wing VR, hopefully just a taste of what is to come from Star Wars in VR.
  • Excitement level: Rey and Finn after they escaped from Jakku.
  • We’ve previewed it here.

Fated: The Silent Oath

  • A VR adventure that wants to make you feel. Warmly received on PC.
  • Excitement level: If at the end of The Last Guardian both the creature and boy aren’t dead.


  • Escape from a rogue AI using the power of futurEsports!
  • Excitement level: Finding out there is a sequel to Dreamcast cult classic Cosmic Smash.

Pixel Ripped 1989

  • Wants to encourage you to “think 4th dimensionally”. A game within a game.
  • Excitement level: Finally understanding Inception.

Proton Pulse

  • Breakout with a funky soundtrack.
  • Excitement level: Realising there will probably never be a sequel to Shatter.

Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin

  • Telekinesis in VR!
  • Excitement level: About to play Psychonauts after hearing how great it is, but before actually experiencing it.

Robinson: The Journey

  • Crytek making a gorgeous VR exploration game, oh and dinosaurs.
  • Excitement level: Remembering how beautiful Crysis was.

Time Machine VR

  • Take pictures of prehistoric creatures.
  • Excitement level: Listening to somebody talk about Pokémon Go.

Space Rift

  • A cinematic space exploration and combat simulator.
  • Excitement level: When your friend keeps telling you how much better a movie you’ve never heard of is than a popular movie you do know.

Trackmania VR

  • Trackmania Turbo with exclusive VR tracks.
  • Excitement level: Finishing a jet boat ride without being sick.

How We Soar

  • Eagle simulator? Pfft, how about a Phoenix simulator!
  • Excitement level: Trying to sell Megablox as being as good as Lego.

Radial G

  • Wipeout style futuristic, anti-gravity racing.
  • Excitement level: Going on a roller coaster that you know is going to make you sick.



  • Explore a fallen civilisation using a grappling hook.
  • Excitement level: A surprise school excursion to a museum.

Viva Ex Vivo

  • A microbiologist simulator.
  • Excitement level: Getting a microscope for your birthday.

Pixel Gear

  • Self described as a shoot-em-up, haven’t heard that in a while!
  • Excitement level: Playing an Irem game for the first time.

The Brookhaven Experiment

  • A “survival horror shooter” that requires nerves of steel.
  • Excitement level: Watching a compilation video of Youtubers falling off chairs.

Weeping Doll

  • Scary dolls come to life and present you with puzzles.
  • Excitement level: Vowing to never buy your children lifelike dolls.


  • Fighting giant stone creatures.
  • Excitement level: Remembering you still haven’t finished Shadow of the Colossus after all these years.


  • A trippy looking puzzle game.
  • Excitement level: A long lost Dreamcast VR headset was discovered, with one game.


  • A mysterious, unnerving, single room puzzle game.
  • Excitement level: Not quite knowing if the Escape Room you’ve signed up for is real or not.

XING: The Land Beyond

  • A pretty exploration of the journey to the afterlife.
  • Excitement level: Getting to see how pretty Myst is without having to play it.

Megaton Rainfall

  • Play God and defend cities from alien invasion.
  • Excitement level: Realising the aliens use MacOS and are susceptible to hacking.


  • Retro real time strategy.
  • Excitement level: Realising you’ve been pronouncing Herzog Zwei correctly all this time.