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Nintendo’s lukewarm E3 was exactly what fans needed


I was praying for this year’s E3 to be a disaster for Nintendo. It wasn’t a complete shambles, but it was certainly the worst for a long time… and I couldn’t be happier.

No, I’m not some guy who gets off on seeing Nintendo fail; nor am I a crazy butt-hurt fanboy who feels betrayed. Allow me to explain my logic and I’m sure you’ll see my point.

Everything we didn’t see at this E3 this year has a better chance of skipping the Wii U or 3DS and instead heading directly to the NX. This means Zelda, Metroid, a real Mario game (sorry Super Mario Maker, I still love you) or any other of Nintendo’s big franchises. None were present because they’re either not in development or they’re being held for the NX. Mario Tennis was the only unannounced big title from Nintendo. I like Mario Tennis but that can’t be Nintendo’s big ace in the hole. Zelda was revealed last year, yet didn’t manage to make the show.


Star Fox Zero is fun and sure to keep fans happy for a while but it doesn’t feel like a grand enough title to blow people away during the show. The other medium offering was Yoshi’s Wooly World. This is more exiting than Star Fox Zero for me just because I love Yoshi’s platforming titles but once again this has been shown plenty of times and is launching in June in Australia. Why spend so much time on it during a precious E3 conference? To stall for time. Its all misdirection for the NX.

That’s all the evidence I need to start jumping to conclusions for E3 next year. With a Zelda title mysteriously missing form this years line up I expect this time next year we will all be very happy Nintendo fans. The NX will most likely be unveiled either a few months before E3 in a direct or at the first live Nintendo E3 press conference since shortly after the launch of the Wii U. I could be getting exited a little early but my gut says the NX will launch in time for Christmas next year.

As this years Nintendo Direct went on, the lack of content slowly became impossible to ignore. As did the smile on my face. The Wii U has had its day. Bring on the next big thing and lets see if Nintendo have what it takes to be real contenders again.

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