Destiny: “Rise of Iron”: Bungie’s DeeJ on the expansion’s upcoming Raid


David ‘DeeJ’ Dague raised an eyebrow at Gamescom last month when we remarked that the Raid in Destiny: “Rise of Iron” looked outright claustrophobic.

“Not all the time,” he replied. “There are times when you’re out in the open, on top of The Wall and looking down on Old Russia.”

That said, he stressed that Guardians shouldn’t be expecting a new adventure exactly like The Vault of Glass of Crota’s End.

“Every Raid is supposed to be its own unique adventure,” DeeJ said. “We never want the Raids to feel like more of the same — they should surprise you, they should confound you, you should have to work with your team to solve a mystery that is completely sheathed in action and explosive moments and encounters with terrible beasts.”

Most importantly, they should be hard as hell.

“The Raid is the most challenging activity in your Director,” he asserted. “It needs to require teamwork, collaboration, problem-solving, cunning and steady aim.”

With the release of “Rise of Iron” so near, DeeJ said that those at Bungie are excited to transition into spectator mode.

“We’re ready to send people into the Raid the Friday after the game launches,” he said.

“We love that community drama where everybody lines up on the starting line, and we crack the starting pistol. The person that crosses the finish line first becomes a hero to the community and we immortalise them on our blog and celebrate their achievements like we do,” he added, gleefully.

“Rise of Iron” heads to Xbox One and PS4 on 20 September.