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Crackdown 3: Terry Crews is a playable character because he asked to be


Terry Crews is a playable character in Crackdown 3 because he asked to be, Sumo Digital has told Stevivor.

“Terry Crews basically asked us, ‘can I be in the game?’ And we were like, ‘yeah, you can totally be in the game,'” Design Director Gareth Wilson said. “‘Cause the guy, he’s alive, he’s a living agent. He looks like an agent, which is crazy.”

Sumo even went as far as to make an actual agency suit for the popular actor. It features in the live footage shown at Microsoft’s E3 press conference.

“When we did that live footage, we got an agency suit made for him,” Wilson continued. “He gave his dimensions to the guys that were making it, and they were like sitting in the back going, ‘no, there must be some mistake with this.’

“I was like, ‘no, these are totally his dimensions.’ So, he put the stuff on, and then when he was doing all his things and flexing his muscles, all this kept popping off. Like, little bits kept coming off so we were sticking it on, with like masking tape and glue and stuff. We managed to get through the recording,” Wilson said with a laugh. “But yeah, the guy’s a beast.”

Wilson also confirmed that Crews was meant to be an NPC that helped to drive the narrative, but was shifted to a playable character simply because the actor asked to be.

“We were originally going to use him as kind of part of the narrative and the storyline, and then he came back to us and he was like, ‘could you make me like, a playable guy?’ And we were like, ‘We can totally do that.'”

Crews has also been quite vocal about voicing Doomfist in Blizzard’s Overwatch, though he’s yet to officially get the part.

Stay tuned for more on Crackdown 3. The title heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox One X on 7 November.