As much as The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind wants to appeal to Elder Scrolls fans with a return to a familiar location, it also wants to satiate fans of PvP.

“It’s a different kind of PvP for us,” Rich Lambert, Creative Director at Zenimax Online Studios, told Stevivor about the expansion’s new Battlegrounds mode.

“What we have right now, or had before today, was more large-scale, massive sieges where it’s 30-on-30-on-50 or whatever it is. Battlegrounds is completely, completely different. It’s definitely smaller scale, four-on-four-on-four.”

You read that right: 4v4v4.

“Players are calling it more balanced because you only ever have two other teams of four,” he continued. “They get to min-max their builds a little bit more, and all the spaces are much more enclosed, so it’s much easier to find other people to fight.

“[Prior to Battlegrounds] it was a little different; a three-hour kind of fest before you feel like you’re accomplishing something.”

Battlegrounds is live from today inside the Morrowind expansion. The Elder Scrolls Online is available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. We recently previewed the expansion here.