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Civilization VI: Domination and cultural victories are more alike than you think

It’s pretty easy to come into a game like Civilization VI and decide to crush everything under the might of your army, but Firaxis’ Sarah Darney says there’s something about a cultural victory that can also scratch that itch.

“When I was working QA on [Civilization V’s] “Gods and Kings” [DLC]and it was right at the tail end of it – I didn’t actually understand the cultural victory,” Darney confessed, saying she instead went after domination victories.

“Then someone else in QA showed me how to do it, and I was like, ‘okay, this is actually really fun.’”

At their core, both victories are similar, as Darney explained.

“You still are crushing people, just culturally. Your moods can change. Sometimes, you want to be a warmonger; other times, you just want people to listen to your pop music and wear blue jeans.”

Groovy, man.

“I think that most people tend to go for domination at first as it’s pretty straight forward,” Darney continued. “At the same time, everyone plays games differently, and some people will gravitate to being cultural. They’re going to go straight there.

“That’s the beauty of the Civ series – everyone plays games differently; we’re all individuals. We can all approach the game in very different ways.

“In the end, no matter how you choose to do it, you’re doing something very grand,” she concluded. “You’re writing history.”

Civilization VI heads to Windows PC on 21 October.


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