Civilization VI isn’t planned for consoles: “PC is the platform where Civilization VI fits the best”

Civilization: Revolution was a great game that finally brought the franchise to console players last generation. Its sequel, Revolution 2, was released on iOS. Sitting down with Associate Producer Sarah Darney to discuss Civilization VI, it was hard to avoid the game’s lack of multi-platform release.

“It’s going to be on Mac…” Darney started, correcting me.

Fair enough, but I couldn’t help but point out that I’d been sitting in the same interview room in Sydney’s 2K office only months before, asking the same questions about XCOM 2’s lack of console availability. Since my chat with Firaxis, XCOM 2 has been announced for Xbox One and PS4.

“It’s the way it always has been; I feel like it’s been a good PC experience,” she replied.

Unlike with XCOM 2, Darney didn’t detail any technical limitations that would mean a PC-only release.

“We don’t have plans to release Civilization VI on consoles at this time. As a studio, we’re very proud of the games we’ve made that have succeeded on console, but we feel that the PC is the platform where Civilization VI fits the best,” she reiterated.

Still, never say never.

Civilization VI heads to Windows PC – and Mac – on 21 October.

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  • Good. Who the hell would buy this on a console? Controller input would mean they would take forever to choose anything in the menu optimized for Mice.

    • That’s why they would have to optimise console version for controller. Or in bad case, but I think Firaxis is not one of them, optimise every version for controller.

      • Have you ever tried to compare menu systems optimized for mice vs those designed for controllers? If not, just start Steam, then launch it in Big Picture mode, you will see how big and dumb those icons can uselessly be just because someone wants to play it with a pointer device that was outperformed in 1968. Seriously, a lot of games have been suffering from those, it’s incredibly easy to spot and more importantly it handles gamers as idiots, something we very much disapprove. Do I really have to explain how complicated it would be to create a UI that still enables the complexity of Civilization, but comes with the extra large font and stupidly easy navigation that are required for consoles? I don’t think any sane dev would do that as it would not only mean very much trouble for their designers, but it would vastly (and negatively) affect the gameplay too. The only solution is a game from which they removed the features that a console simply can’t handle, which would result in a hugely inferior game on all platforms, just to include console gamers.

        • Well you are not wrong that controller is worse than mouse for this but certainly has it’s uses in other games. I played demo of Civ on PS3 long time ago and it was quite enjoyable which doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy PC way more. I’m thinking that you could get creative to make the interface work quite well with a controller (imo it shouldn’t be that hard for a team of developers bouncing ideas back and forth) without ripping out features (because what features would you need to remove from a turn based game, I’m really interested to hear examples) but of course if the same interface came to PC I would be enraged.

      • I doubt they’ll allow Keyboard and Mouse to play games. Because if they allow games like this then they should allow all games to support it, in which case Xbone players will cry about one of the following two things.

        1)Keyboard and Mouse players are too good against our Auto Aim Controllers and they are nerds and blah

        2)My Xbone is not a PC.

        So it may get support, but it doesn’t mean they will be able to game with it.

        • Phil Spencer (head of Xbox) has already said that it will be enabled for games. Game developers will have the freedom to create different playlists for competitive games (i.e. controller-only and kb&m-only playlists), just like they can with cross-platform online games. Co-operative and non-competitive games obviously wouldn’t be an issue.