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Civilization VI isn’t planned for consoles: “PC is the platform where Civilization VI fits the best”

Civilization: Revolution was a great game that finally brought the franchise to console players last generation. Its sequel, Revolution 2, was released on iOS. Sitting down with Associate Producer Sarah Darney to discuss Civilization VI, it was hard to avoid the game’s lack of multi-platform release.

“It’s going to be on Mac…” Darney started, correcting me.

Fair enough, but I couldn’t help but point out that I’d been sitting in the same interview room in Sydney’s 2K office only months before, asking the same questions about XCOM 2’s lack of console availability. Since my chat with Firaxis, XCOM 2 has been announced for Xbox One and PS4.

“It’s the way it always has been; I feel like it’s been a good PC experience,” she replied.

Unlike with XCOM 2, Darney didn’t detail any technical limitations that would mean a PC-only release.

“We don’t have plans to release Civilization VI on consoles at this time. As a studio, we’re very proud of the games we’ve made that have succeeded on console, but we feel that the PC is the platform where Civilization VI fits the best,” she reiterated.

Still, never say never.

Civilization VI heads to Windows PC – and Mac – on 21 October.


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