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Borderlands 3’s Calypso Twins are influencers gone bad

"They had all this power all of a sudden and they used it for evil!"

Borderlands 3‘s villains, The Calypso Twins, are heavily inspired by the social media and livestreaming influencers of today, Gearbox has told Stevivor.

“When setting out to create a new villain we didn’t want to go and just copy Handsome Jack or go up against him again,” Level Designer, Matthew Higgins, said. “we wanted to do something a little different that would stand on its own.”

“[Borderlands 3] picks up several years after the second Borderlands game, and there have been some changes to Pandora,” Associate Producer, Lorien Meggersee, added. “This cult has sprung up and these bandit clans have joined together in this cult – for the first time ever they’re getting organised, and our Vault Hunters start hearing about this cult, and that’s where the game picks up.

“When you talk about influence, [the Calypso Twins] are influencing these cult people in a very serious, crazy way. These bandits have been brainwashed by them. It’s very interesting and… modern.”

“What would an influencer do in a Borderlands universe?” Higgins asked. “With all these followers…”

“They had all this power all of a sudden,” Meggersee interjected, “and they used it for evil!”

Borderlands 3 heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 from 13 September. We’ve previewed the title again this week.


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