Beyond Good & Evil 2: All the details from today’s livestream


Things are looking good.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 livestream took place earlier today and we’ve all the details for you right here.

Character creation

First off, players won’t be filling the shoes of Jade from the original game. Instead, we’ll be creating our own protagonist using a rather robust tool.

While the tool itself wasn’t shown off, characters made in it were — and include giant anthropomorphic panda bears, elephants, chameleons and more. Oh, and some regular ol’ humans.


Your protagonist is a pirate, so you’ll have a spyglass to help play the part. It can be used to take photos and survey an area before jumping in.

Your character will be armed with a bow-staff and jetpack, which makes you a rather formidable opponent.

Take a look at staff combat and ship maneuvers here (age verification is required).

Watch the livestream

Want to watch the livestream in full? Easy.

We’ll have more on Beyond Good & Evil 2 as it’s made available.