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How to watch Star Trek Short Treks outside of the USA


In Canada? You can watch right now.

Star Trek Discovery is available on Netflix outside of North America, but sadly, the same isn’t true for Star Trek Short Treks. For the time being, Short Treks are only available via the USA’s CBS All Access system… and, as we’ve recently discovered, Canada’s Space network.

Each Short Trek is a 15-minute episode that features on a singular character — the first, “Runaway”, focuses on Cadet Sylvia Tilly (Mary Wiseman). Thankfully, the Space network has “Runaway” available for livestreaming now, and it doesn’t require a login or subscription.

Those in Canada can livestream the episode right here.

While those with a VPN might be able to access this content outside of Canada — not that this is a recommendation to try — we’ll keep you informed when those around the world can access Short Treks in their region via official means. It’s likely Netflix will be able to negotiate rights ahead of Star Trek: Discovery‘s second season launch in January 2019.

(Thanks, Reddit.)