Paladins goes into open beta on console; celebrate with Monarch Bomb King skins here


Hi-Rez’s Paladins heads to an open beta on Xbox One and PS4 today.

“After welcoming more than 8.5 million PC players to Paladins, we are excited to bring console players into the Realm,” said Todd Harris, the Executive Producer of Paladins and Chief Operating Officer at Hi-Rez Studios.

“Now console players will be able to experience the deep customisability of Paladins, the only shooter that lets players play exactly how they want to play.”

Moreover, Paladins will offer a Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 Console Wars Tournament, in which leading players could win a trip to Spain to compete for a share of a $50,000 USD in Spain.

“Players may qualify for the tournament through open bracket qualifiers, held May 20 – June 25,” Hi-Rez said. “The top teams on each platform from North America and Europe will earn the right to defend their console’s honor.”

For more information on Console Wars, including how to register, head here.

To celebrate the open beta, Hi-Rez has given Stevivor 2,000 Monarch Bomb King skins, redeemable in-game. Stevivor is the only Australian outlet offering this specific skin.

It’s first-come, first-served. Get in quick!

This means Paladins is playable on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.