Author - Matthew Bird

Refer to opening scene of Bring it On.


Review: Rayman 3 HD

Have you heard the saying, “if it aint broke don’t fix it?” Well, surely that logically extrapolates to, “if it is broken, DO fix it.”...


Review: Mass Effect 3

BioWare’s back for the third installment of the Mass Effect franchise. Players who’ve been there from the start have grown attached to their own particular...


Review: Top Spin 4

As an avid tennis player and fan, I hold my breath each and every year and hope that a tennis game will be developed that is actually enjoyable. There have...


Review: Rivet

As a Mac-user in a household of only Apple products, owning an Xbox can sometimes be challenging. After seeing the amazing file-sharing capabilities of...


Review: Torchlight

Now that my fingers have recovered from the repetitive strain injury that was caused by this button masher of a game I can finally write my review. This...