The WWE has recently aired a crazy Twin Peaks parody titled “Fashion Peaks”. For those unaware, The WWE’s Fashion Files team — Tyler Breeze and Fandango (aka Breezango) — regularly take the piss out of popular culture. In this latest instalment, Breeze

The Evil Within 2‘s newest gameplay trailer is heavily inspired by Twin Peaks. Well, enough that we want to call it out, at the very least. You can check out Seb’s own personal versio Ln of the Black Lodge in

Update: We’ve since learned that the area in question is home to DirtFish, a real-life rally driving school. You can find out more about the company here. Original story: A clever Redditor has realised DiRT 4‘s DiRT Academy is smack dab

New gameplay footage from Super Mario Odyssey can be used to prove that the adorable plumber is, in fact, a denizen of Twin Peaks‘ famous Black Lodge. Actually, Mario could even be the notorious Killer BOB. As Black Lodge denizens are wont to

Twin Peaks. Its impact upon popular culture is immense, from carefully plotted, serialised storytelling to cryptic references in other television shows, movies and of course, video games. With the series’ revitalisation heading to small screens across the world later today,

A three-part Twin Peaks documentary, made by Showtime, is now available to view on YouTube. Called “The Phenomenon”, the doco does get into spoiler territory: consider yourself warned. Not long left, folks — are you hyped? Twin Peaks‘ first two seasons, plus the Twin

A new teaser trailer for Twin Peaks‘ third season shows off a host of returning characters, 26 years later. You can check out the likes of Big Ed (Everett McGill), Fire Walk With Me‘s Carl Rodd (Harry Dean Stanton), Sarah Palmer (Grace

There’s a lot being added to the Australian versions of Netflix, Stan and Foxtel on Demand this month, so let’s get straight on to it. Our pick of the month is most certainly the third season of Twin Peaks, heading to

With less than a month to go before Twin Peaks highly-anticipated third season, Showtime has released a recap video that takes you through key scenes. Aka, it skips a lot of the crap seen inside the second season. Check it out below,

The first official photos of the cast of Twin Peaks‘ season three have today been revealed. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we now have photos of key and secondary cast members. From left to right, below: Wendy Robie (Nadine Hurley), Everett McGill

Showtime today confirmed a May release date for Twin Peaks’ third season. The 18-hour series will start with a two-hour episode on Sunday, 21 May. Showtime subscribers will also be able to watch the series’ third and fourth hours immediately