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DiRT 4 pays homage to Twin Peaks with this neat little easter egg


Update: We’ve since learned that the area in question is home to DirtFish, a real-life rally driving school. You can find out more about the company here.

Original story: A clever Redditor has realised DiRT 4‘s DiRT Academy is smack dab in the middle of Twin Peaks.

The “place”, not the show.

Take a look at this screenshot from the in-game Academy:

[No Spoilers] Driving around Twin Peaks in Dirt 4 from twinpeaks

To the left is the Twin Peaks Sheriff Department, and to the right — just as it is in the town — the ol’ Packard Mill. Compare the above to a shot of the real filming location (thanks to InTwinPeaks.com):

Pretty accurate representation, eh? Best yet, the original Redditor says the DiRT 4 map file is actually named TwinPeaks. All that’s missing is a body, wrapped in plastic. Well, that and a damn good cup of coffee.

Between this and Super Mario Odyssey‘s connection with Twin Peaks, we say the television show is due for a proper, new video game of its own — any developers want to take up the challenge?

Twin Peaks’ third season is currently streaming on Showtime in the USA and Stan here in Australia. Click here for a rundown of Twin Peaks’ influence on video games.