We haven’t seen an open world sandbox Mario since Super Mario Sunshine a whopping fifteen years ago. A game in this style is so overdue that it’s easy to be excited about that fact alone, but thankfully, Odyssey promises to be so

A clever Redditor has realised DiRT 4‘s DiRT Academy is smack dab in the middle of Twin Peaks. The “place”, not the show. Take a look at this screenshot from the in-game Academy: [No Spoilers] Driving around Twin Peaks in Dirt

New gameplay footage from Super Mario Odyssey can be used to prove that the adorable plumber is, in fact, a denizen of Twin Peaks‘ famous Black Lodge. Actually, Mario could even be the notorious Killer BOB. As Black Lodge denizens are wont to

Nintendo has used E3 to detail a new batch of amiibo from the Mario, Metroid, Zelda and Fire Emblem franchises. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild amiibo focus on the game’s for Champions: Goron Daruk, Rito Revali, Zora Mipha and Gerudo Urbosa.

Blearly-eyed and hopeful, we finished up the last of the E3 2017 press conferences with Nintendo, and the publisher certainly delivered. The Switch-focused show brought new glimpses at already-announced games alongside a heavy helping of new titles. Here’s what you

Nintendo used its E3 press conference to show off new Super Mario Odyssey gameplay alongside a confirmation of the game’s release date. First, the gameplay: Gotta love that jingle, eh? Super Mario Odyssey heads to the Nintendo Switch on 27 October.

E3 2017 is almost underway, and we’ve got a listing of every title confirmed (or heavily rumoured) for show. Games with an asterisk (*) are of the rumoured variety. Each title should have a link to its tag on Stevivor

Nintendo today detailed its plans for E3 2017. Opting out of a press conference, Nintendo will instead offer a livestream that will focus on Switch and Super Mario Odyssey. The stream begins at 2.00 am AEST on Wednesday, 14 June. Super

Ben, Gaetano, Shane and Steve are back, hot on the heels of Nintendo’s Switch reveal. The quartet talk specs, games and more ahead of hands-on sessions in Melbourne tomorrow. Remember to post comments here, or on FenixBazaar, or take to

Nintendo today detailed Super Mario Odyssey, a title that brings real-world elements into the popular, storied franchise. The title combines fantasy levels with others that are inspired by real-world locations like New York and Egypt. Mario will also be joined by