Resident Evil 7‘s change from roided-up protagonists to the an everyday person also means weapons are going to be harder to come across. “You’re going to be pitted up in situations where you’re still going to have to fight,” RE7 Producer

Capcom today released three new Resident Evil 7 gameplay videos, and we’ve all of them to watch below. Check ’em out: Resident Evil 7 is available in January on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. Its demo has recently been updated on PS4

We may already know what the true ending to Resident Evil 7’s demo is, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing left to uncover. Turns out, the ghost giggles and murder sites we encountered in our play through are quite important.

Spoilers ahead. We’ve just finished the Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour Midnight demo, and we thought we’d share the clip with you here. Enjoy! Moreover, here’s the game’s infected ending: We’ve covered what happened in the first demo, what’s changed in

The Resident Evil 7 demo has been updated a second time, and there’s new stuff to uncover (and be terrified by). Here’s what we’ve found so far, now with help from Reddit. Feel free to update in the comments area, below

At the end of today’s Resident Evil 7 demo update teaser, it was revealed that PlayStation players will have first access to a piece of the game’s DLC. Titled, “Banned Footage”, the DLC will be available first on PlayStation. Resident Evil 7

The Resident Evil 7 demo will get its final update today, this time for PS4 and PlayStation VR. This will mark the first time the core demo will be playable in VR outside of trade shows, though the separate Kitchen demo

December’s here, and that means one important thing: an update to the Resident Evil 7 demo. As promised in one of Capcom’s RE7 teaser videos, the update is scheduled for sometime this month: With the PlayStation Experience event taking place this weekend,

Capcom Europe has let outlets loose into Resident Evil 7‘s wilds, and as a result we have a bunch of gameplay videos to show you. You can check out (mostly spoiler-free) impressions from IGN, GamesRadar and Eurogamer, all below. Getting excited

Stevivor’s Steve Wright appeared on the You Game Bro? podcast last night to talk all things Star Trek, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy XV and more. You can listen to the episode below: Download: Direct link Subscribe: iTunes If you’d rather watch

Resident Evil 7‘s Collector’s Edition is exclusive to EB Games in Australia, a new listing confirmed. The Collector’s Edition is similar to offerings elsewhere in the world, with a 7″ Baker mansion replica, dummy finger-slash-16GB USB stick, lithographs, an artbook

Capcom today detailed which versions of Resident Evil 7 will support features like 4K, HDR and VR. HDR High dynamic range (HDR) will be offered on the Xbox One S, PS4, PS4 Pro and PC via Steam or the Windows Store.

A Gamespot USA-exclusive Resident Evil 7 Collector’s Edition comes complete with a dummy finger replica. The item notorious for driving players mad in RE7‘s first and second demos is joined by a replica of the Baker mansion, a VHS tape box,

Two new Resident Evil 7 videos today show off new, terrifying enemies. Best yet, that last video promises an update to the Resident Evil 7 demo, currently scheduled for sometime next month. Resident Evil 7 heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4

Two new Resident Evil 7 teaser videos show off puzzle-solving and investigatory elements of the upcoming game. You can check them both out below: What’d you think of ’em? Use your brains in January 2017, when Resident Evil 7 heads to Xbox One,

VR is in a curious place at the moment. It’s still quite new, and while many sectors of the gaming industry are fully exploring the possibilities, we still aren’t completely sure if it’s the next big thing. The potential for