Resident Evil 7: Gun replica might explain Umbrella Corps’ real connection

Update: Aniel has confirmed with Stevivor that the pamphlet comes with a replica of the Albert-01r handgun. He has also provided Stevivor with a (mostly) complete translation. We’ve placed it inside the original story to hide readers from potential spoilers.

Original story: Resident Evil expert Alex ‘cvxfreak’ Aniel has translated a pamphlet packaged with a Japanese RE7 gun replica that may explain Umbrella Corps’ presence in-game.

Spoilers continue.

Those who’ve finished Resident Evil 7 know that Chris Redfield helicopters in near the end to assist in saving the day. Strangely, the helicopter that Redfield travels upon bares the Umbrella Corps logo — one that’s been connected to the antagonists of the franchise since day one. Fans struggled to make sense of the situation, chalking ‘Redfield’ up as an imposter… until Capcom said the character is indeed the real deal.

While many expect Redfield’s reasons to be explained in the (now delayed) “Not A Hero” DLC, the translation of the replica seems to jump the gun, if you will:

As you can see above, a partial translation of the pamphlet says the Umbrella Corporation was re-established through law, “tasked with atoning for their dark legacy.”

Update: Here is the translation in full:

Umbrella Corporation Outline


A large pharmaceutical conglomerate. Best known as a pharmaceutical company, the Umbrella Corporation possesses achievements in fields such as genome analysis and anti-virus medicine, yet has also conducted research and development of Bio-Organic Weapons (B.O.W.) for use as weapons. Its motto is “Protecting the health of the people,” which is what the name of the company is derived from. The t-Virus, developed for the purpose of creating immortal soldiers, led to the occurrence of the Raccoon City incident, which in turn revealed the dark side of the company to the masses.


Afterwards, confronted with accusations of culpability for the Raccoon City Incident, Umbrella’s stock prices crashed, plunging the company into a period of sustained financial losses. Furthermore, the existence of Umbrella’s illegal B.O.W. research became well-known around the world, thanks testimony from survivors and a considerable amount of physical. As a result, all of Umbrella’s executives were incriminated for the company’s crimes, and in 2003, the company declared bankruptcy.


Following that, the company is reestablished in accordance with the (United States) Bankruptcy Code, but the new executives are tasked with the responsibility for atoning for the company’s dark legacy. Following reestablishment, the company’s trademark was changed, so the “Red Umbrella” has come to symbolize the Umbrella before its reestablishment, while the “Blue Umbrella” has come to symbolize post-reestablishment Umbrella… (the rest is cut off)

The full pamphlet can now be found here.

Aniel is ubdoubtedly a trusted source of Resident Evil information. He has previously translated the Japanese-only RE7 Inside Report files for western audiences.

Resident Evil 7‘s “Not A Hero” DLC was expected this month, but has since been delayed to an unknown time this year. The main game itself is available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 (compatible with PlayStation VR).

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