Podcast: Episode #019

It’s a late podcast, but it’s a good podcast. Featuring Leo and Steve, join us as we delve into this Podcast: Episode #018

In this week’s podcast Hammond and Dave try their very hardest to not spend the whole hour talking about Guild Podcast: Episode #017

We’ve got loads to talk about this week including the EA branding debacle, Ubisoft’s views on piracy and their new Podcast : Episode #016

This week I managed to nab some time with Mindscape’s James Kozanecki (formerly of GameSpot AU). It cost me a Podcast: Episode #015

Episode 015… upload complete. Dave’s been forgiven for not watching Batman and is joined by Hammond to bring you this Podcast: Episode #014

It’s podcast time baby! Steve’s hosting again this week and.. this’ll blow your mind… the podcast is UNDER AN HOUR Podcast: Episode #013

Welcome to the thirteenth podcast! Steve takes the reins this week to bring you all the news news newsnewsnews Podcast: Episode #012

Welcome to the 12th podcast! In the interest of diversity Dave is replaced by Matt Gosper this week. It’s Podcast: Episode #011 News! With five time emmy award winning anchor, Dave Haldane! Sub anchor, Leo Stevenson. Occasional fill in, Steve Wright. Podcast: Episode #010

Welcome to the 10th podcast! We made it! They said it’d be tough, they said we’d bow out, they Podcast: Episode #009

Welcome to podcast episode 9, now with an extended ending and hidden content*! Spoiler Alert : We discuss details of the Podcast: Episode #008

Welcome to podcast 8… or 9… who’s counting? This week Leo was off taking his Dance Central experience to the stage Podcast: Episode #007

We’re back to the guys who KNOW how to podcast properly with the Podcast number 7! Though Dave’s not Podcast: E3 2012 Special

It’s the Podcast E3 special, direct from Los Angeles, California (and even more specifically, an IHOP outside the LA Podcast: Episode #006

Welcome to podcast 6. This week, aside from the usual off topic meanderings, we discuss the GAME closures and mountains of Podcast: Episode #005

Insert some text about welcoming people to the… what? This is live?! Welcome one and all to podcast number 5. This week