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Stevivor.com Podcast: Episode #021

Konnichiwa. Hajime mash’te. Watashi wa Dave-san and I’ve used up my limited range of Japanese so will now revert back to English :)

This week we discuss some of the news to come out of TGS, we have 3 great interviews and, finally, a jingle to start the news section. This weeks episode also comes with an apology as it should have been up last week. I have no excuse, I am ashamed, I’d fire myself but a) I kinda like me and b) Steve’s the only one who can do the firing around here! I’d also like to apologise for the audio quality as it’s a bit all over the shop.

Back on track this week’s news includes the Dragon Age 3 announcement, MA15+ in South Australia, Nights HD and Sonic Adventure 2, the new PS3 slim, Guild Wars 2 coming to Mac and lots more. Have a listen and let us know what you think. Without a co host to put me in my place I’m relying on you guys to correct me when I’m wrong!


Listen in moderation.

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