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Friendly Fire Cast 006: Medal of Honor retired & the PlayStation Plus junkie


Ben and Leo brave drowning on a classic Melbourne summer’s day to bring you episode six of the Friendly Fire Cast!

This week, we dismiss Medal of Honor from service, try and remember Prince of Persia and get to the bottom of PlayStation Plus. Oh, and there’s some weekly Wii U bashing. We don’t mean to hate on Nintendo’s new console so much it just…happens.

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Catch up on the News

Here are some links to news covered in this podcast:

Medal of Honor dismissed from active service
Wii U VC games incompatible with older Wii saves
Sleeping Dogs free on Australian PlayStation Plus
Warren Spector leaves Disney as Epic Mickey studio closes
Prince Of Persia officially on hiatus
GTA: Vice City arrives on PSN in ’80s style

Secret Sound

Congrats to Koshie, the winner for the second week in a row! As a result, we’re introduce a new rule to prevent the same person winning in two consecutive weeks.

For this week’s secret sound, we accidentally picked a non-terrible prize. You can win a copy of LittleBigPlanet Vita — Leo says it’s the best in the series! To win, send your answer to friendlyfirecast@gmail.com.